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Joseph Bromfield


Photo: Denise Stewart

Joseph Bromfield -- Richmond, VA based actor and teaching artist.


Joseph Bromfield Actor

Joseph Bromfield Teacher.
Tour Guide.
Joseph Bromfield Juggler.

Teacher. Director. Actor.

Joseph Bromfield

About Joseph

Joseph is a teacher, director, and actor based in Nashville, Tennessee. His first steps on stage were motivated by his desire to miss class (school matinees are a beautiful thing) and socialize with the opposite sex (he went to McCallie School for Boys in Chattanooga, TN). Since then Joseph has pursued the craft of acting from coast to coast and across the sea driven by a desire to connect with others. Along the way Joseph earned degrees from Rollins College, The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and The University of Virginia, where he met his talented partner and beautiful wife, Lauren. In recent years, Joseph has picked up a biking habit, a fondness for afternoon tea, Peter Quince the cat, and an English Labrador pup, Tobias. He currently teaches English and Theater 8 at Montgomery Bell Academy. A believer in the words of Oscar Wilde, “Art is not something which you can take or leave. It is a necessity of human life,” he aims to cultivate and appreciate the art in himself and others.


Visiting the Theater at Epidaurus in Greece. July 2021



Joseph Bromfield Shakespeare Actor.

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